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Free at last!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The whispers never fade, out of so many of such whispers was "how do I do this". I had lost my way and I became burden to find my path back to a resort of fellowship, love, happiness and hope. I was overwhelmed and I couldn't trust my own self anymore.

Then I stumbled on this scripture. II Corn 5vs 19: God was made Christ and He reconciled the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them but committed unto us the word of reconciliation" This word was the light I needed in my darkness. My darkness of sin, lust, rebellion and anger. I believe anyone can still be a new creature in Christ, if old things are put away, all things can become new. I became a new creature not just for my self but for other; firstly, for the one who laid his life for me to have a better life. He called me out of darkness into his marvelous light to become an vessel of grace. Jesus Christ has paid my debt and I am no longer captivated to sin. Hallelujah! My journey of reconciliation has taken me on the most wonderful path, I found grace, genuine love, peace and fulfillment. Through this journey I valued the life experiences, scars got healed, hope became realized and faith was meet with trust.

To be reconciled to God brings prosperity, but to be rebellious about true and genuine reconciliation brings hardship in various forms; emotional and mental struggle, unfulfillment, lack of true joy etc. The Lord Almighty can set anyone free. You just need to start your Journey today. Do you desire a new path to life? Follow me on my spirit led journey and become who you have been destined to be! I am Free and no longer a slave to sin.

A journey to a path of reconciliation was inspired by the holy spirit and the gift of reconciliation is free for all!

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